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Our games pay out more often with higher winnings than our competition

Payout is what it’s all about. Just look at our winners and our payouts to see that VictoryLand knows that winning keeps you coming back.

It’s Never Been Easier!


All bingo players are eligible at all bet levels, so you could win anytime you are playing a game when a Community Prize is awarded. All active players share in the prize if the 777’s or three BELLS are showing, or one lucky winner takes the prize for three BARS or three CHERRIES. Come often, play often because VictoryLand offers you MORE WAY TO WIN!

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“Extremely clean rest rooms! Everyone was friendly and helpful. I won 3 community chest $1000.00!!! Had a great time!!! would recommend anyone. GIVE IT TRY!!”

Mark J.

I always have fun during my visits to Victoryland. The staff are friendly and there are a variety of slots to choose from. During my last visit, i noticed new games were added with more chances to win. Victoryland also give out free cash through the community Prize just for playing on most games (black chairs). I’ve been lucky enough to win big and small through the community prize.

Jennifer S.

My husband and I like to play slots so loved the selections since we had never been there before. We got $25 each for first time free play which was very nice.

Myra C. – Cullman, AL